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Hope some of you all will get the chance to attend SEMA 2011 this year! If not don't worry as Jotech Motorsports will be attending as well as having a large booth space outside and indoors along with Black Magic, our newest sponsor. I'll be flying out there Saturday to help setup, and as soon as we're ready to go I'll be walking the grounds capturing an absurd amount of photos and videos every day. You can expect the first update at 3PM Sunday.

I'll be sure to catch all the newest unveils, coolest cars, and of course the hottest chicks from SEMA and Las Vegas I can find. I will be updating this thread daily, so if you'd like to see SEMA 2011 through my eyes be sure to subscribe to this thread!


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I apologize for the wait everyone, but here's the first small batch from Day 1 of SEMA 2011. I will have a ton of more photos throughout the week to share, be sure to stay tuned to this thread!

Our booth both inside and outside has been PACKED, and it's been a great event so far. Hope to see any of you all out here if you made it!

On to the photos:

For the SEMA issue of DSPORT we have the Jotech GT-R featured just in time. It's on disply in our outside booth by our truck and trailer.

Here's a shot of our outside booth sponsored by Black Magic, Gumout, and Rain X. We have the Jotech GT-R (Stage 5) and also Phat GT-R (Stage 3) on display. We're giving out free t-shirts, product samples, and getting to meet all of our fans and friends in the industry.

The Phat GT-R on display along with Black Magic tire display.

A shot of Jotech GT-R's custom LED lighting alongside our brand new Race Deck flooring for all car shows and event we will be attending.

Some beautiful and talented ladies that were entertaining the crowds during set-up day!

A sweet flat black Dodge.

An old school, but modern looking hot rod near our outside booth.

Vaugh Gittin drifting around in his Mustang.

Ken Block sliding around Gymkhana style in his famous Ford Fiesta.

The view from on top of our trailer.

Another view from our trailer, this Mustang is insanely loud.

Luna Rose, one of our beautiful and friendly Jotech/Black Magic models that are helping us promote and give out products!

Here's Keiko, our other beautiful Jotech/Black Magic model that will be featured in next month's issue of DSPORT.

Keiko is also a co-host for MyxTV in the Philippines, a very popular MTV-Style show that has gotten her a ton of great publicity. She's talking about working with us at SEMA 2011 with the host of the TV show. It will be coming to the states soon.

A true Zombie Response vehicle.

SR Auto Group's Scion in the Scion booth sitting on some sweet Modulare Wheels.

The rear end of Scion's awesome looking new FR-S Concept.

One sweet looking Benz.

White on White.

That's all for the first teaser update, I will be uploading much more tonight, with some of the coolest cars I can manage to find, and of course the sexiest SEMA ladies around.


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Thanks for sharing. Where can I see more pictures of the silver GTR with the black rims?

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This is obviously the Hot Wheels booth, pretty sweet display they set up, including a clean and simple Camaro — a popular car this year at SEMA.

A slammed 5.0 from Paxton, this car has some great details.

One mean looking car in the K&N booth.

An insanely large engine sitting in a classic caddy.

A perfectly wrapped Beamer from the Bolk booth.

The American Express booth has two very talented artists airbrushing two hoods live to give away. Crazy what they can get done in a few hours.

The best looking Bentley at SEMA from Forgiato.

Have to get two angles for this car.

A quarter shot of the awesome new FR-S concept car from Scion.

Two beautiful ladies from the Spyder booth signing their posters.

Our two Jotech/Black Magic models with the Lamborghini Green GT-R (More pictures of this car coming soon.)

A cool looking booth with a cool looking vette. A lot of custom lighting.

The new crossover from Range Rover, a nicebreak from their boxy designs.

One of many exhaust displays.

Matte is the way to go this year at SEMA, most all of the nicest cars aren't shiny in 2011.

I give this car the most interesting color award.

The LFA, that's all.

The Wheel and Tire building has the best models hands down, more pictures of all the models coming soon.

One of MANY awesome cars in the Giovanna booth. Can't go wrong with a RR.

The nicest looking SLS at the show.

Bad Batmobile.

Giovanna stole the show with their cars, and topped it off with this insane LP700, and of course a lovely lady dedicated to posing with this car.

White on gold, an interesting color combo for a Bentley.

Giovanna had quite the collection, great showing in the Wheels and Tire building!

The most natural beauty I could find. I think she spent less time getting ready than I did, and still looks great.

Between this and the red wide-body Bentley earlier, it's a tough decision. The satin paint and carbon accents really make this Bentley something to look at.

The Dupont Registry 700+ HP SLR from Forgiato.

The best color for a Lambo, and of course some color matched wheels from Forgiato.

A clean twin turbo Lamborghini with the amazing Nitto booth model. Very classy.

The Lines on the LP700 are so unique you can shoot any closeup angle and still recognize the car. In my opinion the best design from Lamborghini yet.

A murdered out Rolls from Platinum.

The cleanest looking engine setup I found yet.

Dub steals the show outside with a matte white Buggati Veyron in their main booth with a DJ and all.

Definitely the most expensive car at SEMA.

Can you even drive this on the street?

A ridiculous engine setup in this fully-customized Camaro sitting outside the Central Hall.


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Our Lamborghini Green Stage 4 widebody GT-R was entered and already judged for a unique contest by Gran Turismo. If it wins it will be an available car in the new video game.

Big shout out to HRE for getting us these epic set of new wheels for the Green GT-R in time for SEMA.

We've got an awesome spot for our inside booth, and this car was definitely one of the largest attractions in the area!

By far the largest showing in SEMA was by Ford, with the drifting events and dozens of different booths they took the show by storm.

One of our favorite brake brands had a nice setup next to the large indoor Ford booth.

The best rotor on display! ;)

The new Lexus GS F Sport in the cool outdoor LExus booth.

The same GS F but with full customization by Five Axis. One of the coolest looking four doors I've ever seen.

The new Hyundai Volester was definitely a popular car here at SEMA, they had several of them on display.

One of the most interesting and coolest looking setups I've seen on a Civic.

The new Concept Si, very cool — and built up to 450HP with a turbo kit.

The coolest CR-Z EVER!

One of the most "interesting" GT-R's I've seen.

The drifting aftermath.

Insane lifted trucks were a big deal here, this one was picking someone up from the show, nice ride to have in Vegas!

The Dub show brought out some of the best and most expensive cars, had good music and a huge crowd.

Matte is the new thing.

A full profile shot of the matte white Bugatti.

One of the coolest and cleanest 300's I've found.

The only T-Rex I can find here at SEMA, surprising.

Dub show brought out all the newest and nicest exotics.

Awesome interior in this Rolls Royce.

This big benz van is definitely High Class Transportation.

Wonder how much these tires run this guy.

Cool Star Wars wrap (or sharpie job) on V Dub.

Awesome matte wine red color on this Beamer.

The whitest car at SEMA.


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It's time for the last and final photo update, there's a ton more photos than the other updates, hope this can satisfy your SEMA hunger! I'll be making a short video recap as well.

A few sets of the tires Vaugh Gittin has burned through on the drift track.

Vaugh Gittin Jr's black and Green Monster trailer.

One of the super chopped ride's sitting over by the race track, not sure if it even drives, but it looks cool!

Another murdered out Rolls Royce by the second part of the Dub Show booth.

A Ferrari GTO, one of the baddest Ferrari's available to buy.

The insane brake setup on the GTO.

A car like this deserves a few angles.

An interesting color matched wheel setup on this benz in the Dub booth.

An array of wheels in the Forgiato booth.

A classic looking Murcielago.

An insane Amp and sound system setup in this completely custom Avalanche.

A custom champagne red paint job for this GT-R.

Some big shiny wheels for a purple car, so absurd it's kinda cool.

Matte black definitely looks the best on an aggressive classic muscle car.

One of the models over in the east side of the Dub Show booth.

Another beautiful model Dub brought along.

Forget lifted truck, this is a legit monster truck.

This female DJ laid down all the music to keep the Dub Show booth bumpin.

One of the coolest things I saw, this custom Lamborghini 4 wheeler would be any kid's dream.

Another shot of the Lambo 4 wheeler.

Another mean looking classic muscle car.

A sweet matte white widebody benz provided by Forgiato.

A custom widebody Camaro.

Matte was the finish of choice for Forgiato, here's a white on white Maserati.

Forgiato packed as many cars as they could into their booth, and they went with quality with quantity.

An awesome yellow on yellow 458 on display on Forgiato's trailer.

An insane custom Hulk paint job. Amazing detail.

A really great looking classic setup from Forgiato.

A closeup shot of the Carbon Fibre wheels on Forgiato's 458.

A clean 458 over the in Chip Foose booth.

Color matched lips always look good on a Beamer in my opinion.

A racecar on display from Pirelli Tires.

This Camaro had a ZR1 badge in the front, there wasn't any info on it, but I'm assuming there's a motorswap involved.

The CTS-V coupe was also a popular car at SEMA, with some really aggressive setups such as this widebody one right by the front entrance.

A beautiful model that was busy all day posing with the new LFA for Falken Tire.

The wide carbon weave is going to start catching on a lot more I believe, it gives a really unique look.

A full quarter shot of the Aventador on display in the Pirelli booth.

Two of the models Pirelli had signing posters for giveaway in their inside booth.

Another shot of the Aventador in the Pirelli booth. This is definitely going to be a huge car next year, not many companies could get their hands on one this year.

A sweet black on black Maserati in the corner of the Pirelli booth.

The Pirelli inside booth was on the larger booths, and had some great attractions.

Hankook had an awesome looking booth setup, with some great design and details.

Ace Wheels' clean looking Panamera.

There were plenty of people walking around with signed posters, as many booths had some very attractive models autographing them for free.

An interesting concept car with a sweet booth setup.

Another shot of the concept in the Reserve booth.

The two models that Reserve brought out to bring in the crowds.

A suped up CTS-V on display on the Toyo Tires booth.

I personally love the wing and rear angle of this Toyo Tires CTS-V.

Toyo had a cool idea, get your picture holding a championship belt inside a pretend MMA booth.

Cool looking white camo paint on this aggressive looking Ford truck.

The Vehicle Technology area had some great lighting, and had this Boss mustang as the forefront of their setup.

Chip Foose had a live signing, with a line stretching almost 100yds. This was the poster next to his signing table.

This is Justin Bieber's CTS-V Coupe done by West Coast Customs.

The Berry Blue Bentley in West Coast Custom's booth.

A tiny little pink metallic car, not sure if I'd drive it, but a cool toy!

Continental tire had two drop dead gorgeous models posing next to their race car.

Tornel's model was having a hard time keeping up with everyone wanting to take pictures!

A BMW racecar on display in the Continental booth.

A full chrome Tron R8 done by West Coast Customs.

A shot showing the interior of the chrome R8.

It was almost a requirement to have models if you're a tire company, nearly every tire booth had some ladies working!

The lineup of models working the Sailun tire booth.

Enkei didn't have the largest booth inside, but all of the enthusiasts were over there showing love!

Another Aventador, this time from Giovanna.

A member showing love over at the Jotech Booth. Along with our new female "Size Matters" t-shirt.

Black Magic's new Tire Wet Gel.

Black Magic's new Tire Wet Wax product on display in out booth's tire display.

An overview of the product and information we had on display on our table in our outside booth.


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Thanks for posting... almost feel like I was there. Love the matte white!!!!!!!!

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DSU* - We're running 21" HRE's on the majority of our GT-R's. The Green GT-R is running 20" though.

Glad you all enjoyed the pictures! I didn't get any pictures of the Rotora GT-R, gtr34serge, sorry about that.
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