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Been asking around and based on this great forum and its members, I decided to take my car to Continental Nissan in Countryside. This is my experience a few days ago.
I apologize about how long it'll take but I hope this will take some of the myth out of some of the service and maintenance requirements of this vehicle.
Lynn was the service manager who took my call and Gary was my GTR tech. From this forum everyone (prolly 2 or 3 GTRs) raved bout them. Now its my turn to tell you why.
Lynn took the time to explain to me what the GTR difference is at their shop. It begins with the separate GTR only area where no one but the two GTR certified mechanics can touch the car to the final professional hand outside detail cleaning. Amongst the other Nissan owners who were in the service counter area, I felt a little more VIP treated. Lynn received me by name,and walked me through the appointment. I was a little surprised that she didn't ask me if I had any issues or problems that she should put on the work order. But perhaps it was because when I called to make the appointment, I asked only maintenance related questions. Btw, she did tell me how much the oil change cost and was ready to tell me the cost of the fluid changes until I told here that it was ok and that I would find out later. (doh!) I guess I was so pleased that she would tell me ( unlike other places this forum mentions) and I felt she had nothing to hide. (Believe me, I really am a skeptic and not easily won over.)
Gary, the GTR mechanic came out to meet me and answer any questions. He inquired about how I used my car so as to be able to categorize it Schedule 1 or 2. My concerns were the recommended fluid changes on my low mileage /no tracking car. He said straight out that I won't need them until at least 18k miles but he would check.
I was surprised about his upfront information. Most places in my experience are really ambiguous so they they don't cut off their potential revenue streams.
FYI , my car has 6k miles and is 2 years old since inception and had been up to date with maintenance including the requisite cabin filter. So per manual, it needed an oil change and filter. The manual also recommends trans and coolant (at 18k or 18 months) and brake flush (at 24k or 24 months) and another cabin micro filter change.
So they performed the 24 month inspection which included a 4 wheel alignment. My car is a schedule 2 (refer to owner's manual).
- Car already had in cabin micro filter changed 12 mo ago.-
Got a free loaner but car was in/out in a mere 5hrs.
So I was so happy and shocked to get out of there for the mere price of the oil change and filter $198.00!
They didn't recommend any fluid changes or to change the cabin. Even if the bible gave them the discretion to do so.
That in of itself was a super shock for a stealership in my experience!
I hope this helps someone.
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