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Hey guys as many of you know (and have run with me), I have become a bit of a track junky, as such have met a bunch of wonderful folks this summer. We had a great final (maybe not) season day at gingerman yesterday (6 of us). I got to thinking I have become great friends with the gingerman and grattan management and can pull off some great last minute days (4-5 days notice) for about $150-300 per guy. As such I am starting a facebook page to coordinate better all my contacts. If you are interested (will be a private group) just shoot me a friends request and a note that you want to be part of the track group. I will be seeking to coordinate all events through this. Here is a pic to wet your appetite from yesterday!

Facebook : Steve Johandes (choose the younger guy not my dad)
email: [email protected] if no facebook, send me contact info as well as car type. This is open to GTR and other car enthusiasts.

I like to keep the private days to LESS THAN 10 PEOPLE, I like space on the course!


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