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I appreciate the enthusiasm but I don't see any elements on GT-R here.

Looks more like the 1999 Dodge Charger R/T Concept
The grill actually has the inset "bullets" of the R34 and the sail panel emblem is from the Hakosuka. Beyond that, I wanted it to have a fresh take on the lineage...akin to the leap from the Hakosuka to the Kenmeri and the (fairly radical) evolution to the R32. I even wanted a new spin on the round taillights. So, the new spin is present. Also, the visual "surfline" of the Hakosuka was adapted into a cooling duct for the rear brakes. Obviously, there's some R35 cues as well.

As far as the Dodge concept goes, perhaps there's coincidental precedent there...with the aforementioned Kenmeri actually being inspired by the Dodges of the era. Though, the other two of the Big Three also made vague attempts at grill treatments similar to Dodge. That being said, this concept's fascia was inspired by the (1990) Nissan GTP ZX-Turbo race car with the large, center block between the openings. Without heavy critique, I'd also opine that the R/T concept's grill is a bit forced and ill-proportioned in relation to the entire front end.

Also, it was never produced. I'm not sure there'd be a marque in existence that could throw the first stone when accounting for an entire century's catalog of unproduced, concept car features.

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