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SoCal TRACK DAY!: Big Willow Feb 18th at (WSIR) Willow Springs International Raceway

DATE UPDATE!!!! Feb 18th, not the 19th.
Extremespeedtrackevents is hosting a last minute special event at BIG WILLOW!!

Driver's meeting is at 8:15

Register here:

Special track day price of only $85! and no discount code needed!

Also, there will be Free Timing for the all who register for the event and FREE LUNCH!
$85 at Big Willow WITH Timing AND Lunch! You can't get this elsewhere!
And raffle prices, which anyone can partake in!.

Big Willow usually costs $130-150 without any free stuff.

Also, if we can get a good group of similarly skilled BMW drivers, we might have our own private session! This is a maybe but it'd be great if we can get it.

If you have any Questions email: [email protected]

I can try to answer what I can, but please email and ask them directly if you have any specific questions
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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