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Name: destroid

Location: NH

Price: $1750

Contact: PM here

Willingness to Ship: yes - local pickup in New England

Payment: PayPal net to me

Why: Going back to stock

Used front and rear AP racing J-Hook rotors for 2012+ DBA GT-R.

390mm front rotors and 380mm rear rings

Included Carbotech XP10 pads for mixed street and track use.

Amazing braking setup for the stock calipers and these pads are gentle on rotors.
With stainless lines and race fluid these are the best brakes I've ever experienced that were not expensive carbon ceramic.


Good functional condition 390mm rotors.

Thickness: 33.5 of 34mm (replace at 30.6mm)

New XP10 pads (plus a used set of XP10s)

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Bicycle part Rim

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Light Product
Automotive tire Wheel Automotive design Composite material Gas


Good functional condition 380mm rotor rings.

New AP hardware for easy mounting to your stock rear rotor hats.

Thickness: 29.2 of 30mm (replace at 28mm)

Used XP10 pads have over 8mm remaining

Automotive tire Fixture Rim Font Tire

White Automotive tire Bicycle part Rim Wheel
Musical instrument Guitar accessory String instrument accessory Font Bicycle part


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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