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Endless 6 POT/4 POT Racing BBK
Part# ECFXBNR34 (R34 GTR)
6 Piston Front Calipers, 4 Piston Rear Calipers
370mm x 34mm Front 2-Piece Floating Rotors
332mm x 30mm Rear 2-Piece Floating Rotors
Blue Mounting Brackets, MX72 Brake Pads, Endless SS Brake Lines, Fasteners

Calipers are Alumite Racing Finished (Super Hard Anodized). Rotor hats are TUFRAM coated. The bronze finish on the rotor friction surfaces is a break-in coating. The non-friction rotor surfaces are super high temp coated.

These are direct fitment for the R34, and will fit the R33 and R32 with minor modification by drilling out the hub caliper bolt holes to 14mm, or using thread inserts (heli-coil) in the brackets. These may fit Z32 or S-chassis with mods.

This is easily an $8k setup before shipping and duties. It would take over a month to get if ordered today.

I have all the original boxes and packing materials to ensure proper shipment.

Asking: SOLD

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Your still short on a couple things.
- price must be included in the topic title.
- username photos are required on all items.

Have corrected by this time tomorrow in order for this Ad to stay up.

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