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Brand new Project Kics R40 WITH LOCKS. (16 regular lugs and 4 key lock lugs) Comes with key and socket. There are 2 versions of these lug nuts. One with and one without lock/key. The regular without lock/key is cheaper. This version with lock/key cost a good amount more. I believe retail is in the $250 range.

Brand new ARP Extended Studs full set of 20 studs. (100-7716) Says for WRX but I believe this is the model everyone uses.

I planned on running these but I decided not too.

Located in SoCal Orange County


email [email protected]

Shipping add $15 and will be shipped via USPS priority mail.

Link to an awesome installation writeup

I will also be posting up a T1R Transmission Brace brand new which I also never got around to installing.

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