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This past weekend a large event was held in South Africa where the fastest streetcars from all over the country gathered to compete in a 0-1000 metre (0.62 mile) standing start sprint race. Speeds were given for 800 metre (half mile) and full distance 1000 metre,

These speeds were achieved at 5000ft elevation with 78F temperature

Here are some of the results:

Alpha 16 (New SA record)

800m: 208 mph
1000m: 216 mph

Alpha 10 + Nitrous

800m: 198 mph
1000m: 209 mph

Alpha 12

800m: 198 mph
1000m: 208 mph

Alpha 9 + Nitrous

800m: 194.7 mph
1000m: 203.7 mph

Alpha 9 + Nitrous (Stock cooler and charge piping)

800m: 185.6 mph
1000m: 190.6 mph

Alpha 6

800m: 163.1 mph
1000m: 173.7 mph

Video of some of the cars on the day:

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