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Hi guys, after a recent track day my brakes are making weird noise whenever the car is moving and my car is in the shop waiting for a surgery to be brought back alive again :D I've been doing research on the brake compond and have learnt quite a lot from searching the forum. Somehow there're some parts I failed to understand thoroughly :p

1. Don't laugh at this, do we have a place that we can buy most of car parts from, like Amazon for daily supplies?

2. Will Endless MX72 + AP racing J-hooks fit MY17+? Failed to find source indicating MX72 would work for MY17+ and saw J-hooks versions targeting previous model years but not 2017.

3. Is Endless MX72 + AP racing J-hooks a good compond for daily drive + 1 track day/3 months usage?

4. Endless MX72 + Girodisc seems to be cheaper than J-hooks compond, is it a more cost efficient choice( considering also the longevity of the rotor)?

5. Is Project MU Club Racer Advance +Girodisc a good budget compond? One of my friend recommended this but he uses it on some other model.

I know I may have too many parts I failed to figure out myself, I'm pretty new to aftermarket world :p Any help is much appreciated! Thank you!
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