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We bring to you our latest build on a 2009 Super Silver GT-R. Our client who goes by the name of Cranberry resides in Maryland. Cranberries ultimate goal for his GT-R will be to make it a regular at the track.

Cranberry decided to upgrade his 2009 GT-R with SP Engineering's SPE1000R package. The SPE1000R package comes with fully built motor as well as transmission.
-SPE Spec Full Blue Print and Balanced Race Short Block
-SPE Spec H Beam Connecting Rods with Carr Fasteners
-SPE Spec Forged Pistons 95.5mm Bore
-SPE Spec Nissan Main and Rod Bearings
-SPE Spec Metal Head Gasket
-SPE Spec Camshafts 256/264 Degree with 10.25/10.50mm Lift
-SPE Spec Spark Plugs Heat Range 9
SPE Twin Turbo Kit
-SPE TD06SH 20G Turbo x2 (SPE HYBRID) 950+ HP
-SPE Spec Stainless Tubular Manifold
-SPE Spec External Wastegate
-SPE Spec 29R XL Intercooler (294x710x115mm core)
-SPE Spec Aluminum Intercooler Pipe
-SPE Spec Blow Off Valve + Charge Pipe
-SPE Spec Cold Air Suction Pipe Kit
-SPE Spec 1000CC Injectors
-SPE Spec Dual 340LPH In Tank Fuel Pumps
-SPE Spec Fuel Pressure Regulator and Fuel Gauge
-SPE Custom Tune
-Pump Gas Map
-Race Gas Map

SPE1000R upgraded applications:
  • SPE Greddy Billet 67T Turbochargers + 11 Blade Turbine Wheel
  • SPE 4.0l Dry Liner Sleeves
  • SPE Race Head
  • Ferrea Complete Valvetrain
  • Tomei 280 intake 280 exhaust camshafts
Upgraded drive-train components:
SPE stage 3 transmission
  • Dodson Promax Clutch Kit
  • Dodson Circlips 1&2
  • Dodson Oil Pump Upgrade
  • Dodson FWD Gear Lock
  • Dodson Transmission Filter
  • Dodson O-ring Kit
  • PPG 1st gear upgrade
  • HKS DCT Transmission Cooler
Upgraded Accessories:
  • Titek Titanium Race Mid Pipe
  • SPE Custom Oil Catch Can
Contributed parts:
HKS Transmission Oil Pan
Meisterschaft Exhaust
PPG 1-6 gear upgrade
Titek Oil Cap

Pump gas tune:

104 sunoco:

C16 fuel:

Dyno tune video :

Build pictures:

- Eugene @ SP Engineering

ACG Automotive
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Shit! That's one impressive build. Congrats!
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