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I hit up SP Engineering this past week to get new brakes (all 4 pads+rotors, Alcon rotors + Project Mu HC CS pads) and a fluid service. Turns out, the guy I recently bought the car from put a cheap titanium exhaust on there, and the welding on one of its brackets fell apart (the dealership somehow missed this during the PPI). The guys at SP let me know about this and offered to replace it the same day. They're definitely a very knowledgeable, no-compromise shop. I know for a fact that I'm going to go back there when I decide to go the FBO route later this year; I'd recommend anyone in the LA area to check them out.

Special shoutout to Chris for helping me out with all my questions and concerns and the top notch service. Plus they even let me have a go on their sick Gran Turismo 5 racing sim setup. View attachment 84475
Hmmmm...I didn't think Cheap and Titanium fit together...

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