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SP Engineering: Ray's (Peak Completions) R35 GTR

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By now, you are probably familiar with Ray Hofman. If you don't, simply put, Ray Hofman is an avid car enthusiasts who wants no less than perfection with his cars. Therefore, he entrusts SP Engineering with modifying his cars. We have worked on his R35 GT-R a couple times in the past. His first setup, back in August of 2009, consisted of the HKS GT570 kit. After a short while, he sent his R35 back for a SPE750 upgrade. You didn't think he would stop there, did you? Now he is back for a total revamp. Performance wise, he is upgrading to a Godzilla package, the best of the best that SP Engineering offers.

What Ray's Car use to look like:

The power plant itself out of the car:

Engine attached to the subframe ready to be dropped in:

Some cosmetic work to help the car look the part that it's taking on with the installment of SP's Godzilla package. Ray's car received a Satin wrap which gives the car more a sheen rather than the matte black wraps you typically see.

Some interior shots:

Ray's GTR is equipped with Bride Vorga Japan racing seats. The Vorga Japan was an ideal seat for Ray (he stands approx 6'4) as it fits larger frames.

Ultimately Ray's goal for his GTR was to put it simply "beef it up"; satin black vinyl wrap, much beefier and stickier tires (Toyo Proxes triple 8: front~285/35/20 R~315/30/20), and the installation of SP's Godzilla package did just that! You can see how aggressive the car looks now...

And for your viewing pleasure all the goodies that went into the car we had photographed. I will post a small dyno video shortly.

* SPE Spec Full Blue Print and Balanced Race Short Block
* SPE Spec 4.3L Stroker Motor (94.4mm stroke)
* SPE Spec WPC Coated Block, Bearings, Rods, Pistons, Crank
* SPE Spec Sleeves
* SPE Spec Head and Main Studs
* SPE Spec Nissan Main and Rod Bearings
* SPE Spec Harmonic Damper
* SPE Spec Metal Head Gasket
* SPE Spec Stage 4 Race Head (Port/Polish)
* SPE Spec 1mm+ Valves
* SPE Spec Dual Valve Springs
* SPE Spec valve Lock
* SPE Spec Locator
* SPE Spec Titanium Retainer
* SPE Spec Ported Intake Manifold Runner
* SPE Spec 280 Degree Camshafts with 11.3/11.0 lift

* SPE TD06-SH 20G Turbo x2 (SPE HYBRID) 1150HP+
* SPE Spec Stainless Tubular Manifold
* SPE Spec External Wastegate
* SPE Spec 29R XL Intercooler (294x710x115mm core)
* SPE Spec Aluminum Intercooler Pipe
* SPE Spec Blow Off Valve + Charge Pipe
* SPE Spec Cold Air Suction Pipe Kit
* SPE Spec Titek Titanium 90mm Mid Pipe
* SPE Spec Titek Titanium 90mm Exhaust

* SPE Spec Injectors
* SPE Spec Trip Fuel Pumps
* SPE Spec Fuel Rail
* SPE Spec Fuel Pressure Regulator and Fuel Gauge

* SPE Custom Tune
* 91 Octane Map
* C16 Race Gas Map

Other Goodies....

*Titek Titanium Race Exhaust
*Titek Titanium Race Mid pipe
*HKS Hipermax III
*HKS AFK/EVC + SPE CF Custom Plate/Pod
*Swift Sway Bar (Front/Rear)
*SPE Transmission stage 3
*HKS DCT Fluid
*Titek CF Front Lip
*Titek CF Side Skirts
*Titek CF Rear Wing
*Titek CF Rear Under Skirt
*Titek CF Exhaust Shroud
*Titek CF Hood Ducts, Fender Grilles, Front Grille
*Titek CF Interior (Lower Shifter Bezel, Center Gauge Bezel, Paddle Shifters)
*Volk Racing G2 20"

Below is a quick video of Ray Hofman testing our new 4.3L motor at the Utah Fast Pass with great success.

Words from our customer Ray Hofman himself in

Thanks guys! Car was absolutely awesome on the track!

The driver of the FGT told me he had to change his shorts after I blew by him... he has a Heffner TT setup and pulled into the middle of the track cause he thought there was no way I could keep up and he wanted lots of room... once I saw him straighten out I laid into it to pass... the Troopers went wild :D

There was a 458 Challenge car there and everyone was huddled around the GTR HAHA

As far as the UGR car being able to hit those speeds I'm sure I will find out :D

Or I could take my mile car and hit 220+ by halfway...Still have to slow down though before throwing it into turn 1

Fantastic Event and Cause... will post more once I get caught up over the weekend.

Thanks for posting the vid and pics in this thread!
- Eugene @ SP Engineering
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Amazing build by SPE

Can't wait for more vids of this beast
Impressive build Eugene, congrats !!! any 1/4 mile record soon?!? the car should make a killing at this level
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What bride seats are those? Awesome video and build btw!

Edit: when I stopped drooling I found the part where u state what the seats are. Nice everything!
Impressive build Eugene, congrats !!! any 1/4 mile record soon?!? the car should make a killing at this level

1/4 mile times will come shortly. Customer GTR's are first in line!
Amazing build by SPE

Can't wait for more vids of this beast
+1 on more vids.

Really dig the matte black and the chrome valve/timing chain cover.....
+1 on the whole car

love the new satin wraps. On a white metallic car it looks amazing!
well put together car both power and looks..congrats
Interior mods: CHECK
Performance: CHECK
Reliability: DOUBLE CHECK
Sounds like Ray Hofman has himself a gem there, tearing up those TT Ford gt's. World's first highest hp GTR on the road course!
Impressive build Eugene, congrats !!! any 1/4 mile record soon?!? the car should make a killing at this level
Wow, that car simply looks amazing, and can prove that it is amazing with all that power
That car looks and sounds angry. Whats with with lcd screen and buttons in the center console? Is that for radar or software flashing?
I love you SPE! I love the satin black
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The more I look at this build the more I love it!
1 - 20 of 103 Posts
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