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Recently a customer of ours came to us wanting to spruce up his 2010 GT-R. We gladly helped out by sourcing a set of Volk Racing G12′s wheels & Volk Dura Lug for him.

The freshly released Volk G12′s limited edition are a great upgrade for the GT-R platform. Having really aggressive offsets, the Volk G12′s give the R35 a very menacing look while retaining a very light weight.

We also coupled the wheels with red Volk Dura Lug Nuts adding that perfect flare.

Our customers car came in equipped with a Tommy Kaira STTI Titanium exhaust.

We're glad our patron is happy with his new wheel set-up and look. He'll be back in the spring time for more! Thanks for checking us out, and be sure to stay tuned.

- Eugene @ SP Engineering
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