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Our current cartridge turbo upgrade the SPE750 has proven great power results without sacrificing any low end response. This package has been tested by not only Jay Leno, but customers worldwide. Our SPE750 has been tested on our "R" package which produced over 790 AWHP using C16 or E85 on a 3.8L VR38DETT.

SPE750 Turbocharger

SP Engineering has now developed our SPE950 which houses a Garrett GTX center cartridge providing over 950 AWHP using our engine package. The GTX-R turbocharger features a forged machined billet compressor wheel which will provide higher flow and response throughout the entire power band.

SPE950 Turbocharger

To provide a visual comparison, below is an image comparing the two turbochargers

We will be begin testing along with the following supporting modifications listed below:

SP Engineering's SPE950R package

SPE Spec Full Blue Print and Balanced Short Block
SPE Spec H Beam Connecting Rods
SPE Spec Forged Pistons
SPE Spec Camshafts
SPE Spec Greddy 29R Large Intercooler System
SPE Spec Greddy Aluminum Intercooler Pipe
SPE Spec Greddy Blow Off Valve System
SPE Spec Air Filter + 3" Suction Pipe
SPE Spec Titek 90MM Down Pipe
SPE Spec 2000cc Injectors
SPE Spec Dual Fuel Pump System
SPE Spec Fuel Pressure Regulator + Gauge
HKS Racing Spark Plugs

PPG 1st Gear
Dodson Sportsman Clutch System
Dodson FWD Lock
Dodson Oil Pump Upgrade
Dodson Magnet Kit
Dodson Mechanical Lock 1 & 2
Dodson O-ring and Seal Kit
Dodson Transmission Filter

Any questions or comments please give us a call!

Eugene @ SPE
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