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I previously had a 2011 premium GTR, kept it stock, and hated it. I sold it after 6 months and never looked back till this past January. I had heard the 2015's had been upgraded and all the things that I did not like about my 2011 had been changed. I looked around my state for good prices on one, and decided to call Alex at SPengineering for help. My friend had helped me build my Stroked supra, and my brother in laws GTR, and felt like he'd be the perfect person to talk to. Was I wrong..

He helped me secure a white 2015 GTR in Cali, and then helped me proceed to build a bad ass street gtr that would be a fun daily as well as be able to hang with some of the faster cars in the 1000 hp range. He suggested the SP950r build and we went from there. I sent my old school i forged rims and bought some cf goodies like the titek lip kit and wing with a RevoZsport hood. When everything was buttoned up and done, I was ready to take it home to Hawaii.

Buuuut.. I was invited by the gang at SPengineering and some friends to attend a few races in Cali! They were gracious enough to hold my car till the Shift S3ctor event in Cali, and are planning a 1/4 mile event soon! I have never raced 1/2 mile, and on my island of Oahu there are no drag strips. It was something i wont soon forget. If you need quality work in the west coast, SPengineering is the best.

Cliffs: Bought car in cali. Built car at SPengineering. Have bad ass gtr. raced in event. had a lot of fun.

Said GTR in profile pic.

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