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We've got yet another SPE650 package to share with you guys! The owner of this 2011 GT-R is more of a stealth type of guy. Exterior modifications flashy wheels and body accessories are not on his to-do-list, but performance definitely is.

Out with the old, and in with the new TiTek titanium bits!

In conjunction with our normal SPE650 recipe this particular GT-R ordered a few extra sides to go along with it's entree. Greddy dual core intercooler, Greddy Airinx suction pipe kit, HKS intercooler pipe set, HKS BOV kit, and Denso 800cc injectors were to be added to our original SPE650 list. All of the above would be tied together with 17psi tune on 91 pump gas to produce a powerful and reliable daily driver.

  • Greddy dual core intercooler
  • Greddy Airinx suction pipe kit
  • HKS intercooler pipe set
  • HKS BOV kit
  • Denso 800cc injectors

Dyno graph shows really strong gains! I'm sure this customer will have tons of fun with his newly acquired performance.

- Eugene @ SP Engineering

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very nice!
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