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Wow. I wish more shops that I deal with day to day were able to come to the table like Adrey at Specialized Performance does.

He was VERY quick with answers to questions I had prior to ordering.

He allowed me to make a change to my order after it was placed with no headache.

The packaging material he used in shipping box was EXTREMELY well placed, nothing was moving, and it was all secure from transport 'issues'.

He answered a call from me prior to leaving his house this AM to help with install of all items. (Sorry Adrey!) He told me to call back during install for more tips and advice, and told us where to start to have the easiest time with the whole procedure.

Adrey at Specialized Performance, thank you my friend, you have a VERY satisfied customer. One can get parts anywhere, but the service at Specialized is above and beyond.

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Adrey gave me a excellent deal on some DP's and MP
Great guy.
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