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Other than the carbon fiber parts, we have also been working with Lithionic Battery to produce GT-R specific size batteries for street and use. We are proud to be the exclusive distributor for their batteries. Stock battery weighs around 25 lb. Compare to stock battery, you are saving a minimum of 15lbs by just switching over to their battery.
Next generation lithium-ion battery technology lasts longer, charges faster and is more environmentally friendly than any other battery available today. Not only are Lithionics Battery products leapfrogging existing performance and cost standards, but they're doing it the right way - by addressing the critical global need for safer forms of energy and large-scale renewable energy storage.
Need to go out of country? Just push the NeverDie™ Button and the Battery Retains Power for 1 Year and the battery automatically enters sleep mode if it senses any battery drain.
Oh, and did we mention longer alternator life, 30% higher RPM's during engine-starting, and a hotter ignition spark? Race vehicles have sophisticated electronics and telemetry systems... systems that are damaged by 'voltage sag' during engine crank (especially a hot engine and a hot lead-acid battery.) We guarantee these batteries will not sag system voltage below 10.8 volts in your high-performance race vehicle. And, our exclusive, new, dual-voltage battery has two terminal taps... 16 volts for the starter motor, and, an isolated-dedicated 12 volt supply of pure energy. Truly, the best of both worlds, leading to faster-restarts and higher system reliability and durability.
We offer several models of this revolutionary battery.
Racing Type without NeverDie technology:
GT350-12V-SBS30 with carbon case $950.54 (weights 7 lb, and 1050 cranking amp)
GT400-12V-SBS30 with carbon case $1022.04 (weights 10 lb, and 1200 cranking amp)
Street Type with NeverDie technology:
GT350-SBS30 with carbon case $1039.46 (weights 8.5 lb, and 1050 cranking amp)
GT400-SBS30 with carbon case $1091.30 (weighs 10.5 lb, and 1200 cranking amp)

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