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SPL TITANIUM series links for the R35 GTR features exclusive ultra light construction using thin wall 4130 chromoly tubing, professionally tig welded to 4130 chromoly CNC machined sleeve and bracket. The 100% 4130 chromoly main arm then undergoes heat treat and temper as a post-weld treatment and to increase strength. Our exclusive 4130 chromoly hybrid adjuster offers quick and precise adjustment for accurate alignment, and is CNC gundrilled to reduce weight. Combined with blue anodized titanium hardware, our GTR arms are the lightest adjustable arms on the market.

USA made FK racing 3-piece bearing feature a teflon liner to provide quiet operation, lower friction, smoother articulation and eliminates bushing deflection under load. The liner is also self-lubricating and self-cleaning, offering robust reliability for street and track use.

SPL TITANIUM rear links allow for an increased range of rear camber and toe adjustment, necessary for lowered street cars and performance alignments for racing. Combine SPL TITANIUM rear toe, camber, and traction links and SPL eccentric lockout kit for total rear alignment with "zero-slip".

We are currrently using all of the SPL suspension links on our 09 GTR.
Some of the parts are not added to our website yet, so just send me a PM for pricing!!!

SPL TITANIUM rear camber links

SPL TITANIUM rear toe link

SPL TITANIUM Rear Traction Links

SPL PRO Rear Endlinks

SPL FKS Rear Knuckle Monoball Bushing Set

SPL GT-R PRO Eccentric Lockout Kit

SPL GTR Front Upper Control Arms

1 - 20 of 62 Posts