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The Status Racing Limited Collections are a special collaboration of the Status product with influential companies, people, or artists. To get the ball rolling and introduced on a Status Limited seat, we worked with local upholstery team, DSquared to create this unique Ring GT Kevlar seat set. As an artist project, we basically said, "create a seat jacket inspired by the wild looks and trends of todays flushed wheel cars." What was created was a hand stitched jacket that pops loud in your face with its multi-color, pattern design. The outer seat jacket features gray ultrasuede with red stitching. The bottom portion of the seat is done in a 2 piece design incorporating a memory foam thigh bolster with matching pattern to the seat back. Lastly, the 2 dots on top of the A in the Status logo are derived from Nordic language for the vowel sound AE. We have simplified the Status logo for this collection by incorporating the dots on top of the S instead of the full standard Status logo.

This Limited Project is 1 of 1. The seats are sold as a pair for $3500. Side Mounts, Rails, Sliders are sold separately. For more information, please contact our sales team here.

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