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Stock Drilled Brembo's Backwards ?

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I have a 2012 Black Edition and was wondering if the stock brembo rotors only come in one direction ?

I noticed the driver's side being correctly mounted but the passenger's sides are backwards i.e. the rotor is only offer in one direction and does not distinguish between drivers and passenger side.

Anyone else notice this ?

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What are you suggesting is the feature which is "running backwards"?

There are no radial rotor slots which would clear debris off the pad (which are designed to effectively move the debris "outward" from the centre of rotation of the wheel), the cooling vanes are not radial either.

The only thing you could be looking at are the cross drilled holes and these serve to de-gas the pad during hard, long braking but are not influenced by moving forward or backward over the pad face.
One drilling for both sides. That is correct. For rotors like the AP Curved vane rotors, it does make a difference in which side they are mounted.
Thanks. I was just wondering. I do know that other aftermarket companies like DBA, PowerSlot, AP Racing etc. specify left and right for slotted.

I just figured that Brembo would do the same
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