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Check out these teaser pics of NAGTROC member Sub Drivers new wheels!

Sub Driver chose the R10 wheel in a 20" Step Lip configuration for his Deep Blue Pearl GTR. He fell in love with a set up we had previously done and wanted to change it up a bit to fit his personal preference and have an even lighter wheel so he opted for Step Lips. We went with Matte Obisidian Gun Metal Centers, Gloss Obsidian Gun Metal Lips, Gloss Black Inner Barrels, Standard Hardware and the Race Prep Weight Reduction Package.

We're excited to see how this set up looks on his GTR and can't wait to get a photo shoot done! In the meantime, enjoy these pics!

Big thank you to [email protected] for getting this GTR on a set of Strasse Forged Wheels!

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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