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I have been a happy user of your new high power beta maps (and the older versions as you developed them).

In the documentation for the new high power maps, it is strongly advised that each user datalog and check for knock and injector duty cycle.

Using the formula from your documentation, I came up with this list of pulse widths for 100% IDC (IOW, these are numbers you don't want to exceed)

5700: 21.05ms
5800: 20.69ms
5900: 20.34ms
6000: 20.00ms
6100: 19.67ms
6200: 19.35ms
6300: 19.05ms
6400: 18.75ms
6500: 18.46ms
6600: 18.18ms
6700: 17.91ms
6800: 17.65ms
6900: 17.39ms
7000: 17.14ms

My GTR isn't exceeding these values yet, but it is still warm here, and all I have is a midpipe.

I know I can add bigger injectors, but being able to return the car to stock for services is really nice.

It seems like we could run the stock components with more air/fuel/boost if we didn't have to worry about running out of IDC, and the biggest killer for IDC is rpm.

What if you made some staged maps that had a slightly lower redline?

If you just trimmed a few hundred rpm off the top, say 6.7k redline, that gives a lot of extra headroom. From what I've seen of the stock turbo dynos, it wouldn't cost us any peak power, they aren't maxing out at 7k rpm.
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