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It's always fun to get together one last time before the season comes to an end for most people.. Our cars are fun in the winter, but who the hell wants to stand outside and shiver talking about cars..

If you're familiar with the cruise that has happened the past ~10 years now called "Cliffs of Insanity", that is no longer happening.. My goal for this years Thanksgiving Cruise/Meet will be along the lines of that event..

Last year, this was the thread and this was the turnout which was great! Couldn't ask for a better day.. Thanksgiving Weekend GTG 2010

Preliminary Information:
Date: Sunday November 27, 2011
Time: TBD ~ Will be early though.. (Probably 11:00 departure from Bear Mountain to begin the mountain cruise)
Where: Armonk, NY to Bear Mountain

Details will be E-mailed to those interested ~ similar to COI. I'm going to post the meeting spots once they are confirmed in this thread. Thanks!!

One of the lower Westchester spots will be the same as previous years, IBM Office Park in Armonk, NY off Exit 3 on 684.. The cruise will then head up to Bear Mountain and make another stop to gather more before starting off on a coordinated cruise route of 30-50 miles of the best roads in the area!

As an aside, there are two meeting spots to make it convenient for those who are closer to one than the other. If you're from northern Westchester or Putnam counties, you'll want to meet @ Bear Mountain probably... If you're from Southern Westchester or NJ, etc, then Armonk is better.. The one that matters is where we begin the cruise at the base of the mountain, which will be provided via e-mail in the coming weeks.
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