Autopolis, Oita-pref. (November 1, 2015) - One of the most important races in determining who will be the champion, round 7 of the SUPER GT was held on November 1st (Sun) at Autopolis, Oita Prefecture. Here, after a white-knuckled head-to-head battle that spanned over 2 hours, the #1 "MOTUL AUTECH GT-R" (Tsugio Matsuda / Ronnie Quintarelli) came out on top, having started the race from 3rd on the grid. Following behind in 2nd was pole-sitter, the #12 "Calsonic IMPUL GT-R" (Hironobu Yasuda / Joao Paolo de Oliveira), making it a 1-2 finish for the NISSAN GT-R in the GT500 class. Not only that, in the GT300 class the #3 "B-MAX NDDP GT-R" (Kazuki Hoshino / Mitsunori Takaboshi) grabbed the win, with the #10 "GAINER TANAX GT-R" (Andre Couto / Katsumasa Chiyo) tailing in 2nd to make it the GT-R's second double 1-2 finish of the season.

Starting from 4th on the grid, the #24 "D'station ADVAN GT-R" (Daiki Sasaki / Michael Krumm) was ticking off laps at a solid pace early on in the race but gradually began picking up marbles from the track, resulting in a loss of grip, which forced them to pit early. After changing drivers from Krumm to Sasaki, they experienced some electrical troubles that resulted in them crossing the finish line in 15th. Starting from a 10th place qualification, the #46 "S Road MOLA GT-R" (Satoshi Motoyama / Masataka Yanagida) carried out a tenacious race in the early stages, and picked up their speed towards its close to pass rivals in the top group. In the end they passed the checkered flag in a commendable 6th place.
The NISSAN GT-R was also able to claim a 1-2 finish in the GT300 class. This was the second win of the season for the #3 GT-R, following on from round 3 in Thailand, and also sees the #10 GT-R's Couto securing the driver's championship without having to wait for the final round.