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Dear GTR Community Members,

I share with you today my project which I have started earlier this year; I have been in the modding scene for the last 15 years, I have done different projects in the past but believe me when I say that there's nothing out there like the GTR (Hi-Tech, Reliability & Car that you can trust in Races).

I have purchased my GTR last Oct, 2015 from Nissan dealer with the focus on making it my everyday Super Street car the beats majority of super cars such as Ferrari's, Lamborghini's & Porsche's that you can find on the street.

My quest has started with gathering information & going through many of previous & current build threads that i found in this amazing forum (; it helped me to realize & asses which modding plan could make me reach my goals.

The most important thing for me was to choose who will tune my GTR; because based on my experience it's the most critical factor that can make any car project be a success; I have found The Nemesis Team Racing in Riyadh (Mr. Saad Bin Homeid) ([email protected]) ( are the dealer of Linney Racing.

I have asked Mr. Saad Bin Homeid in day 1 if he can achieve for my GTR to be fast & reliable with using only pump gas (around 91 octane) without rebuilding the engine or gear; he replied that he can achieve this goal; he did it. :) :paddleshift: :clap: :thumbsup:.

I have ordered all the parts from my close friend Mr. Saad directly through Linney Racing (

please find below the list of all parts that have been used in my GTR to accomplish my project:

1- Linney Racing GTR Turbo Kit 30-76 (Nismo Red piping color).
2- Linney Racing GTR Pro Race Intercooler Kit (Nismo Red Color).
3- Linney Racing GTR Throttle Bodies 72mm (Nismo Red Color).
4- Linney Racing GTR Engine Oil Cooler.
5- Linney Racing GTR Titan 102 Race Exhaust System.
6- Linney Racing GTR Black Intake System 76mm with K&N Filters.
7- Linney Racing GTR BOV kit.
8- Bosch Asnu 1500cc Fuel Injectors.
9- Twin 485 Fuel Pumps.
10- Linney Racing GTR AWD Controller.
11- Linney RacingGTR Traction Controller.
12- Linney Racing GTR Ecutek tuned by Mr. Ben Linney :clap:.

The parts was installed by my friend Mr. Nadim Bou Mansour; who have being in the modding scene for a long time, the installation was smooth & everything went according to the plan.

Since we have finished the installation of all parts in the GTR; we faced a fuel pressure issue, it took us long time to figure the problem. Mr. Ben was standing behind this GTR & he was even retuning & rechecking the logs of the GTR even through week-ends & late hours through nights.

My GTR have done 721 WHP, 654 WTP on Mustang Dyno on pump gas 91 octane with really very low boost of 18-19psi; this is great but what is greater that my GTR drives better than when it was stock & the tuning was very safe.

Mr. Ben is an artist in his work that knows how to sculpt his work of art.

I also thank who helped me to accomplish this project especially Mr. Ben, Mr. Nadim & Mr. Saad without there help I couldn't fulfill my Super Street GTR Dream.

Please find below the stream of photos of this project; waiting for your replies dear GTR community members.


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