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Wow I though he was going to stick his dick in the tail pipe and start making love to it.
I wish I had a dad like that. Lucky azz kid. It great to know there are parents like that.
best surprise ever! Glad to know his parents know what he likes, would have sucked if he got some cheesy SUV

niiiice, congrats!! i hope i can make a video like this of my kids someday
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Congrats! That's one hell of a father! I'd rather have a father like that than a million GTRs. Lucky guy. Now, fellow forrum members, let's get to work and persuade him to the pit of the dark side with reccomending some good o'le exhaust and tune...

You all do know when I say "pit of the dark side" I mean an Alpha 12 ;) Someone's gotta give them Gallardo TT's money for their run--I mean a run for their money.
That is awesome.
It was christmas all over again for him. What an awesome dad.
sweet. what an unbelievable event. I got home to a non turbo 89 supra that I paid 800 and my mom paid the other 400. so awesome would love to do this for my son one day.
damn this is awesome..

i think i would be just like this guy if my dad got me one haha
Yeah... very lucky
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1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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