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Swapping tires

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I am looking at getting the all season right now to extend my driving period during the year. I would like to be able to swap the summers back on during the summer.

Now, I saw a thread where someone asked a similar question relating to swapping tires due to the tires being runflat and the forum responded that it wasn't an issue.

This time the question relates to the 2012 GTR - the wheel got changed up a bit and the knurls are a little different right? Well has warnings when you're trying to purchase tires for the 2012 that you should not reuse removed tires due to how the knurls work. Is that legit?

If that is the case then I guess I'd have to get a second set of wheels...
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if your goign to buy a 2nd set, why not just winter tires? all seasons on this car are good for nothing but mileage

but yes, tires can be swapped aslong as the shop has the machine for a 20" runflat
For liability reasons, many of the companies recommend that you do not remove and remount the tires, but we have seen it done successfully quite a few times. It just takes somebody knowledgeable and with the right tire machine, but it can been done effectively.
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