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Hey Guys,

We have been working with Switzer Performance for the past 3 years building reliable, yet powerful GTRs for the middle east. Built to be driven daily on pump gas with the added advantage of being able to outrun just about every encounter on the road.

We recently came across a few pictures we had taken of one of our P800 builds over 2 years ago and decided to share them with you.

When this car came to our shop it had 2890 Miles on the ODO. 2 years later, after an insane amount of Daily driving, hauling kids and some track time, the car now boasts approximately 97,000 miles, and is still running strong. *touch wood* The only addition this car has to the standard P800 kit is a Switzer Performance Cooling package. The customer also opted to have his car custom tuned by us to squeeze every bit of power out of it reliably.

That is why we love the Switzer Performance Packages and their build quality. We wanted to share this particular build with you to highlight the reliability that is incorporated with the packages.

Enjoy !

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