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The first annual Texas Euro-Fest event will be held in Austin, TX this late October. It will be a two day event consisting of a track day and the actual festival day. visit for more information.


1. The track will be at DriveWay Austin. the fee is $85 dollars. Sign up at

What will you get for the track day?

1. Free class lessons on the basics of tracking your car around the track. Course L1 (since not everyone is certified to go on the L2 and L3 Track)
2. Registration into 2 heats of racing. (morning heat and afternoon heat)
3. Each heat will consists of 5 laps, a warm up lap, 3 timed laps, and a
cool off lap. (each person will get the center stage for each lap, this way
we will prevent multiple accidents at once. after each car finish the laps,
the next in line will be their turn.)
4. The race will be a TIME ATTACK, you will be put into your horsepower
group so the race will be fair. We will rank the times according to you HP
5. Lunch will be after the morning heat, then we will resume with the
afternoon heat (so if you did bad the first heat, here's your chance to
redeem yourself)
6. Free admission into Sunday's Festival at the Oasis

The actual festival day/meet @ the OASIS on Lake Travis in Austin, TX.
Time: 2-5pm
Cost: $5.00
(You can pay using paypal, we will send your ticket information to you paypal email account. The money will be used to help pay for the event and refreshments Sunday.)

6550 Comanche Trail
Austin, Texas 78732

Here is a track video:

Track Website:



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Driveway Austin is s fun, technical track with great instructors who teach car control, & understanding vehicle dynamics. Corners on the L1 circuit translate to corners on many other tracks. See the links in my signature for videos of various circuits at Driveway Austin.
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