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I had a hard time finding a 2012 GTR. Cicio offered to bring one down for me from a local Dealership. When that deal fell through I gave up and ordered an R8 Spyder. Well that will take a while to come in so I found a BRAND NEW 2010 Red GTR and even though out of state Cicio offered to pick it up the very next day for me.
A week later I have a nicely tuned GTR in my driveway. It runs VERY well. I can't believe it. I really missed having the GTR after driving the ZR1 for 8 months. Great manners, just the right sound! I can't wait to rent the track and see what it can do. The car launches FANTASTIC! I may even cancel the R8 order I am so happy with the new GTR.

Thanks Topspeed for a great experience!

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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