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Just wanted to share my excellent experience over at Sean's shop.. I recently bought a 09 Gtr with 20 k miles but just to be on the safe side took it to a local Nissan Dealer to get the car checked out and what i found out that the tech's could not get a read out from the engine so i took it to Sean's shop not only he took me in right away he spent over an hour with the guys looking over all the vehicle to tell me exactly what was up with the car from top to bottom. Trans temp readouts how many launches it had (0) which i was extremely happy with and so on .. So i just basically wanted to share my story and thank Sean Ivey and the guys for hooking it up and by the way when i asked how much i owed him he did not take a Dime from me which really shows the kind of shop and customer service he is running there... Thank you sir for excellent service and piece of mind that i have a nice clean non abused GTR ... ill be coming there soon to get some power upgrades..

Btw nice looking shop you got there..

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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