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We were out cruising, so while we're at it, we decided to have some shots.

Thank you Ali for the great photos. Follow Ali on instagram, @CarsofBahrain, and member Lutfalla at @Lutfalla_R35 to check out more pics and videos of his kills!

Specs on the Black GTR: HKS Actuators, HKS DP's, Custom 3.5 Midpipe, HKS Legamax, Cobb Tuned

Specs of the red GTR

09 Gulf Spec GT-R , Red, Black/Red
Go: BL GT30 HTA TT // BL exhaust manifold & DP's // Tial MVR 44mm Wasgates // BL 3' Intakes // JE AMS Spec Forged Pistons & Manley Extreme Duty Rods // Kelford AMS spec Valves & Cams 272 // ATI Pully Damper // AMS 4 Bar map sensor // ARP main studs & L19 studs // Cobb NIS006 // T1 Brake Boost // HKS non resonated Midpipe // GTC Titanium 90MM Cat-back (2012 Version) (Built by MC Performance)

Trans: Albins 1ST GEAR AND MAIN SHAFT // Dodson Sportsman 8 Plate Clutch Kit // Mechanical Gear Lock Set // Dodson Oil Pump Upgrade and Repair Kit // High Temp/Strength Magnet Kit - Dodson // Transmission Filter. (Fully built by SMS Design & Performance)

Stop & Turn: Toyo's R888 // SWIFT's // Kics Hub Centric 15mm rear Spacers // Endless MX72 Brake Pads // Stainless Brake Lines // Motul RFB 600 Racing DOT Brake Fluid

Misc & Cooling: Motul 15W50 Engine // Royal Purple Diff Fluids // Dodson Trans Fluid // Aeromotive 340-LPH fuel pumps (Fuel system modified & upgraded to 3 pumps) // ID 1000 injectores // HKS Plugs // Greedy HG FMIC // SSP Upgraded Radaitor // Greddy IC pipes & bov's // HKS Silicone Vacuum Hoses // HKS Transmission Cooler // AAM Oil Cooler // Dodson Thermo's // Dodson Diff Scoop

Show: CF Matte Trunk, CF Matte Lower Mirror Covers, CF Matte Fender Vents, CF Radiator panel, CF rear diffuser/ Black Rims/ Front lip/ Side Skirts and Rims

Tuned by: [email protected] (Hardcore Street Map/RPM Based) // [email protected] Performance (Live Dyno Tune) 938WHP 803 TQ[/
[email protected], 1.49 60'ft, M.E 60'ft Record Holder

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Forces to be reckoned with

Specs please 'Q

Mashallah Mo's GTR is a real sleeper with nice subtle touches

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Thanks Q' for posting those awesome shots

Captured my friends R35 which is running full exhaust throwing flames while racing a 997 turbo protomotive A28s (upgraded Turbos) .. Both cars where running on pump gas

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