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The ADV.1 Wheels | Martino Auto Concepts | Pirelli Tires | Ferrari Enzo | C3 Photos

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About a month ago we got the call from Derek at Martino Auto Concepts asking if we'd ever done an Enzo. *Obviously the answer was no, however do we have the capability to do one, yes absolutely. *A couple days later, MAC had the Enzo in the shop, wheels off the car and tech standing by for measurements. *We needed every tiny detail on the vehicle since we didn't have access to the car here in Miami or LA we needed them to provide us with all the specs in order to be able to reverse engineer the Enzo's centerlock hub setup and mounting surfaces. *We provided them with detailed drawings showing exactly what was needed and shortly after we had photos and detailed schematics from them. *At that point it was off to the races. *

With only a month to complete the set in time for their event which would debut the car, we knew this was going to be a tight one and would likely be down to the last minute. *We were right as the wheels were complete literally 1 day before the show and were overnighted to MAC along with the tires from Pirelli on a thousand dollar plus overnight Saturday delivery. *12 or so hours later, after struggling to get the massive 375's mounted, the car was complete and Cris from C3 Photography was standing by to get the shots in before the car left to the event.

The wheel setup was completely our choice so we opted to go with one of our new styles for 2012 release. *The ADV5.2SL which is a modified version of our existing ADV5.2 style, however this is the fat free version. *3 styles will be released using our superlight weight reduction process including this one shown in our 3 piece track spec configuration. *The lightweight model is vehicle specific in terms of design and load rating in order to get the lowest possible weight based on the load rating of the vehicle it's intended for. *In this case the Enzo, however without enough time to engineer them to be as light as they really could be by testing sample pieces for load rating analysis this set was beefed up for safety purposes. *We have however done so with the 1 piece version which has shown results under 18 pounds in some sizes / applications such as the Lamborghini Gallardo 18x12 race setup.

For the Enzo, we knew that only one tire was going to provide the epicness it deserved, the Pirelli 375/20/21 rear. *We contacted Jason at Pirelli tires and without hesitation he had a complete set on it's way to us, huge thanks to Pirelli Tires for coming through on this project. *The wheel was designed around the massive rear in a 21x13 size with a 20x8.5 front using their 245/30/20. *The wheel finish was our popular polished gunmetal lip / matte black center combination for this project as it's subtle yet at the same time different from what you'd normally see.

Martino Concepts did an amazing job getting this organized for us and providing all the much needed details and dimensions. *Huge thanks to Joe and Derek for the opportunity to be a part of this epic build. *Also, huge thanks to Cris from C3 Photography for being there for the shoot, and for providing some amazing photos literally hours after they were taken.

Last but not least, huge thanks to the team at ADV.1 for getting this done on time! *Tom, our engineer for working his magic, Justin for the programming epicness, Terrence and Sean for their sleepless nights trying to get the parts, machining and finishing organized and to everyone else who took part in this build.

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holy shit! that looks unreal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow this is so hot...damnnn

that hook should be painted in black lol
MAN YOUR JOB SUCKS!!! by the way is it true you can see the carbon weave through the paint?
MAN YOUR JOB SUCKS!!! by the way is it true you can see the carbon weave through the paint?
Yup. But the paint is actually (at least IMO) thicker than the F50 and the F40 so it's less noticeable.
Looks amazing!

Did the owner put the stock wheels back on already? I saw a red Enzo in Glen Cove today with stock wheels. It's not too often you see an Enzo, but maybe there are two around here.
sweet my buddy ran into one in Weisbaden germany and was telling me about it.
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