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VR38DETT Valve Guide MS90

I'm pleased to announce our exclusive partnership with PERFORMANCE ALLOYS INC. to produce the finest valve guides for the R35.These are manufactured from Moldstar 90 material, the same guide material NASCAR teams such as Richard Childress Racing use in every engine. These guides are in widespread use in many forms of racing including NHRA Top Fuel because of their superior resistance to wear, cracking and erosion.

Instead of sintered or tool steel, aftermarket engine builders often look to Phosphor Bronze (PBB) and other Bronze alloys for their heat dissipating properties in valve guides.Advances in material and surface treatment technologies have meant that new durable engine valve applications such as CrN coated Titanium and DLC coatings are now common in high output engine builds. These new materials, however, cause premature wear to softer PBB guide material, dramatically shortening engine life.
After much research with DLC coatings and valve materials, we designed a valve guide and selected the very best alloy available for the job. The result: A VR38DETT specific valve guide made from Moldstar® 90 high performance Beryllium-free Copper alloy; a best kept secret of top tier race teams.
Moldstar® 90 by Performance Alloys provides the best physical properties for valve guides:
  • High Thermal Conductivity
  • Excellent Hardness/ Ductility
  • Resistant to High Temperatures
  • Gets Tougher/Harder in Application
  • Does Not Develop Heat Cracks
  • Resistant to Environmental Attack
Whether you have a project with exotic valve material or coatings, pushing high revs, or looking for the best in a high horsepower build, these guides are the best of their kind available.

Intake guides are available in standard & shorter length for ported heads (as pictured).
$798 - Sold as a 24-piece intake and exhaust set. Custom sizes available upon request - please contact us

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