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Copied from Facebook group so everyone would see it:

The last drive of the season! If it's not rained out, let's make it a good one. The Sea-to-Sky Highway in Canada is well known as one of the most beautiful drives in all of North America and luckily it's only a few hours away. We will meet at Starbucks in Smokey Point at 9:30, and depart promptly at 10:00. We'll make few stops on the way for photo ops and exploration, including Horseshoe Bay and the Sea-to-Sky Gondola, where people can turn around or continue on.


1st stop, border.
2nd stop, Horseshoe Bay
3rd stop, Sea-to-sky Gondola (turn around point if you want) -
4th stop, Starbucks, Squamish (there are 2, note the address on the map)
5th stop: Whistler, Lot 4 (free parking), then walk over to Whistler Brewhouse

Friends and other cars are welcome.

Fair warning, this highway is patrolled pretty regularly, but it's worth it to go a little slower and enjoy the view anyway.
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