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Hi All,

Guys, I really need your help for my problem, so your suggestions are really appreciated

I read a lot and searched a lot without any hope finding a

I have a 2009 GTR US Spec, I did sound deaden the whole interior and I upgraded the sound system to JBL amps and Hertz speakers, new battery, and I just removed my damaged HKS GT800 and upgraded my OEM turbos to EFR 6758 from Ben @GTC UK.

I started the car fine and was driving from my mechanical garage to another near by garage to fit my back seats interior, I was driving like 20-30 MPH cause the car isn't tuned for the new turbos, and suddenly the traction control started to kick in and the slip sign shows and goes while I can feel something physically was happening, when the sign comes I can feel like the car starts to brake by it self, I stopped the car checked with the cobb there was some codes (will list them below), tried to reset them with no luck, any way I continue with the very low speed to the other garage, but while on my way, the VDC sign came on (VDC OFF) permanently, and the ESP Malfunction warning on the cluster LCD as well, and no more traction kicking at all, the car drives fine, no limp mode.

Now the R R buttons for the VDC and the Suspensions are NOT working at all, only the Transmission R works fine.

The codes I am getting are:

C1D02 E-SUS-Malfunction detected in G sensor signal output from yaw rate/side/decel G sensor to CAN.
C1143 ABS-Steering angle sensor malfunction
U1000 MultiAV-CAN communication malfunction
U1001 ECU-Engine Control Unit DTC's

1. Regarding the C1D02, is it because I drove the car without the back seat center cup holder panel? can it be fixed by calibrating the unit with consult III or EcuTek? Is there a fuse to that module? or its burned?

2. The C1143, am I having this because the engine was removed for installing the new turbos? cause when they put the engine back, the steering was totally mess, the car needs to have a huge alignment correction to get back the steering wheel to be straight, is this the steering angel sensor? or its something else? cause on Cobb, the code under ABS!! And is there a fuse for that too?

3 & 4. I read a lot of threads regarding the U1000 and U1001 and they all point out to bad grounding, and I understand that I removed the whole interior for upgrading the sound system and installing the sound deadening, but I really needs to know how can I track the bad grounding point? how can I find it?

Please help me, I am really stuck cause the dealer here in Kuwait (Middle East) won't even look at my car cause I did not bought it from them, and we only have one dealer, and the nearest second dealer is in UAE in Dubai which is 1000 mile away from my country :(

I have one garage other than the dealer that uses Consult III if it can fix my problem, or I can buy EcuTek license and cable if it can do calibration and change my tune form Cobb to EcuTek..

Please help.


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