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The Swede in Alabama

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I am pretty new to this forum as I purchased my brand new EDM 2011 back home in Sweden late July. It is still stock with about 3000 kms on the meter.
I recently came to southern AL to work for a couple of months, but I really miss my beauty...

Anyway, it would be fun to see some GT-Rs on this side of the Atlantic too, so if there are anyone here who lives in the area I would really like to see your cars

I am planning to visit one or two shops too during my stay here and get pursuaded not to keep my car stock any longer ;)
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Welcome! Why didn't you bring it over? There's a form you fill out, I think HS7 form, and you bring your car over for 12 months.
Where in southern alabama are you. You are not at Fort Rucker are you I will be there in a couple of months with my GT-r. Florida is not too far away.
Du kan ju trösta dig med att säsongen är över här hemma... ;)
Hör av dig när du kommer hem och vill få fart på bilen.

Mvh Perra
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Aristo: To much trouble for only a few months.

Ebizzle: Rucker it is. I will be here until mid November and then go to Huntsville.

Mackyfr: 25-30 grader här, nästan så man vill flytta hit för gott...

Perra: Ja, det kommer jag göra. Hann tyvärr inte komma över för att provåka så jag tänkte skaffa lite inspiration här
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I'm in Montgomery. Shoot me a PM if you come up this way.
Passa pa att kopa pa dig lite grejor nar du ar har.
En Cobb och sen bestaller du custom tune (99oktan) fran GTC i england sa blir det bra fart
passa pa att bestall en midpipe nar du ar igang.
Jag passar sjalv pa att handla da jag jobbar i Long beach CA, Bytte in min i juli for en 2012 (US MY2013) hoppas pa leverans i april
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Easy2speed: Thanks, I´ll contact you if I go there

Lofvis: Lite småprylar kan det bli
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