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(*we're finally getting off our butts and doing something*)

STARTING POINT… Tinseltown movie theater on intersection of I-10 and
Grand Parkway (aka hwy 99) North side of I-10.

For all you GPS'rs -

1030 W. Grand Parkway
Katy, TX 77449

Leaving time… we're pulling out at 11am … on the dot! ... so don't be late !

I plan on being there around 10 - 10:30'ish.

Come with a full tank of gas…a clean windshield…and a good attitude.

You don't have to drive a z to attend. The only thing I do ask is that we line up all the z's, G's & GT-R's first (for photographic purposes), then everybody else.

i know everyone has been wanting a meet and get together, so here it excuses, i want to see everyone there!

Tell your friends to come out, no matter what they drive…but tell them to try to keep up !

we will be cruising through some nice country roads to a BBQ place called…

lunch at… the swinging door

for info go to:

You gotta love their house rule: "if you start a jalepeno, you must finish it !"…oooh, sounds like a tough joint!
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