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Many of you my find the wheel set up of this car familiar. This car was once the showcase for Umbrella Auto Design, a company known for stunning interior transformations and the VRH (Variable Ride Height) Suspension set ups.

Flash forward: Now owned by one of our clients who has always had a vision to take this already stunning GT-R to a whole new level... And trust me when I say, we are not done yet!

Our client chose to upgrade this car in stages. After doing a moderate amount of bolt ons, he focused purely on exterior cosmetics. Fitting parts from Top Racing, Zele, Varis, Wald and Revozport was challenging to execute. Getting everything to match up perfectly takes time, finesse and a great deal of patience. Wrapping it all up in Satin White vinyl to give this black car a whole new attitude then choosing some distinct colors to make it pop, was a bold and rewarding move.

This car has some undeniable presence. And in due time with the help from our friends at AMS and ShepTrans it will pack more than enough power to back up the looks with an Omega spec 4.0 Engine, Alpha 12+ Turbos, Sheps Stage 5 Transmission and Syvecs Engine Management.

The extensive list of parts on this car include:

Top Racing Dry Carbon Front Bumper (Custom DRL's)
Top Racing Dry Carbon Hood
Zele Side Skirts
Zele Rear Valance
Varis Rear Bumper
Wald Rear Diffuser (Custom F1 Style brake lights)
RevoZport Trunk
Carbon Dry Mirrors
2015 Head Lamps
2015 Tail Lamps

DPE CS15 Deep Concave 21" Wheels
JRZ Coilovers
UAD VRH Lift System

AMS Catless Downpipes
HKS Full Legamax Exhaust
DW65 Pumps
ASNU Injectors
AMS Tunes for 91 and E85

Full UAD Alcantara Interior

Photoshoot provided by our great friend Mike at DPE Wheels


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Looks awesome!
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