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Thinking of selling my Motorex R32 GTR

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I am thinking about selling my Motorex 1993 Nissan Skyline GTR. It does have the bond release and supporting paperwork. The car has 47,000 miles on it and had less than 2000 miles put on it since 2003 from the previous owner where it sat most of its time in at a shop or in a warehouse. The bottom end is stock while the head had a pair of Apex 276 9.6mm lift intake/exhaust cams and Apex Adjustable Cam Gears installed followed by a Nismo 1.2mm Metal Headgasket and ARP Head Studs.

It has a Greddy T78 Single turbo with all HKS hard piping blowing through a real HKS 4 row intercooler and oil cooled by a Greddy/ Grex oil cooler and relocation kit. The car is painted a Honda S2000 silver, The side molding and rear bumper on the car is a Real Veilside CI body-kit parts. Got rid of the Veilside front bumper. The car made 497whp at 18psi at an very safe 11.0 AFR. Since then the turbo was rebuilt. The car can now be dialed in for more power with no problem. Most of the parts have very little miles on the car.

A list of modifications that come to over $25,000 that have been done to the car are as follows:
Greddy T78 Turbo Kit $$$$$
Greddy External Wastegate
3.5" Turbo Back Custom Exhaust
Tein adjustable Suspension and cross drilled rotor Brake Setup
Heldfeld 18x10.5 wheels w/ 265-35-18's all around
Sard 2.5L Fuel Pump
Bosche 044 in trunk pump
Sard Fuel Pressure Regulator
1000cc RC Engineering injectors
Apex 276 9.6mm lift intake/exhaust cams
Apex Adjustable Cam Gears
Nismo reinforced Timing Belt
Nismo N1 Water Pump
Nismo N1 Oil Pump
OS Giken Crossmission Gear Set w/ input shaft $$$$$
Nismo Triple plate cluch $$$$

ARP Head Studs
Greddy/ Grex Oil coolor/relocation kit
Dual Blitz Blow off Valves
Nismo 1.2mm Metal Headgasket
HKS Intercoolor $$$$
Blitz EGT/Oil Pressure/Boost gauges
Motec PLM Wideband O2 Sensor
Apex Power FC Standalone ECU
Apex Power FC Hand Controller
Fc Datalogit Software
Nissan 300zx Mass Air flow sensors
All new Factory Gaskets.
HKS DLi Ignition amplifier

The bads are: (which is very minor)

The car was repainted but still traces of the old color in little spots in the door jams

The previous owner took out the a/c because of where he lived. I bought what's needed to have a/c again. Just not put in.

The previous owner installed the cams and the cam seals leak a little oil. Did not get around to it because the swap was going to happen but didn't

30k obo. This is the best deal out there period for a Motorex car with this many mods. This will be a great car for someone.

Message me with any question and if you think you might be serious or pass this along if you know of someone who might[email protected]

Also: I was shooting for closer to 1000whp in the R32 but not going to install the second fully built drive train (Motor built by Mazworx, OS Giken Trans) I have here, fuel system and everything needed to get me there. This is plenty of car the way it sits for many people and has a lot of great parts on it but if the car sell will have the motor, tranny, fuel system for sale. Buyer has first rights

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Real car. Good luck with the sale.
Good looking car and nice weather it looks like you had that day
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Hey is this a scam? It lists mileage as 37k whereas the OP here says 47k. I would be so interested if it was real. Anyone know?
What an awesome ride.
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