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went to CMP this past weekend to hang out with the carolina z club at the annual CMP track day that tarheel sports car club and triangle z club put on. had a great time hanging with my Z friends and shooting pics with kyle.



1. always lots of C5Z's at these events

2. bobby returned again this year to continue tweaking his all carbon fiber widebody 1 series

3. dana's BRE datsun clone had some coolant overflow issues (though no overheating) but he continued to drive both saturday and sunday!

4. mike putting his new springs and tire setup to the test on turn 11

5. bryan set FTD during the time trials in the track whore 350z later in the day

6. graham played chauffeur for most of the day, hardly ever going out on track without a passenger

7. justin coming into turn 11 late in the day

8. crawford was very close to bryan's time during the time trials, continuing to impress!

thanks for looking! plenty more in the album, as always!
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