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Hey guys,
I am in need for a set of tires. What are YOU recommending?
Car docent really get driven in rain but will see mosport for sure. I was thinking about a square set up of r888's but have heard great things about the dunlops.... With my bridgstones I did a best lap time at mosport big track of 1:32.6
Run flats not really a issue but?
New pilot super sport?

Looking for some feedback,
On square set up, pros and cons
And factory set up pros and cons

Thanks for you feedback gtr brothers ;)

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pm sent, if you want a track tire, i would either go 285 square with dunlop maxxx's or an R-Comp, regular sidewalls aren't stiff enough for the car.
Mike whats going on with the car?
transmission pressure sensor issue
I'm guessing this means you cannot go to the track today...
I'm guessing this means you cannot go to the track today...
nope no track for me for a lil while, too bad tho, was looking forward to trying the new LC4
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You heading up Jeremy?
Hi Eric - the weather is looking pretty poopy - so it looks like no. If you tell me you're going I will go however...

Sorry to highjacking this thread by the way...
You got L4???
Mike - how man? I don't know of anyone with LC4...
sent you a pm, decided i shouldn't hijack this thread
no problem guys... lol

I am thinking it will be 285 square set up r888 see ya out there.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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