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Just wanted to post a quick review of my experience with TopSpeed Motorsports in Alpharetta Ga and their in house tuner Rob Harper (company RobTuned).

First and foremost Cicio TSM's Owner and GM is a pleasure to deal with, emailed him to ask what he recommended for my first round of mods, prompt response and asks when I want to get things done. There was a bit of a delay due to Rob being out of the country tuning in the Middle East, Cicio was very accommodating in figuring out a way for me to get him the car although i was leaving town myself. I met him for dinner, followed him back to his house, parked my car in his garage and I headed out to Florida for a bachelor party... Cicio handled my car from there.

The day of dropping my car off I asked if it was possible to get the car tinted while they had it at TopSpeed, I'm not sure if this is something that TSM normally does but Cicio said he knew a guy and organized for the car to get tinted while it was there getting parts installed. I deal with scope creep day to day in my job and its annoying so I would have understood if Cicio said it couldnt be done because of short notice, the request didn't phase him.

The car got the following while at TSM:
-TSM 3in Intakes
-HKS Midpipe (installed previously by TSM)
-ID1300 Injectors
-Cobb Accessport and tuning

The decision to go with ID1300s was to ensure I had enough injector for future upgrades, and the possibility of going flex fuel. Cicio guaranteed me they would produce a stock idle and he wasnt wrong, cant tell the difference at all.

Onto the tune, I have been driving the car for well over a week trying to find fault... needless to say the car drives much better than stock. Pulls very hard! Rob was able to get very good numbers out of the minimal mods, 559whp, 571tq. Not bad at all. I have also been impressed with Rob's responsiveness to questions, granted all my questions have been very simple. Its nice to know that if you have a concern or question he quickly responds, never been left hanging.

I am new to the accessport as I had Ecutek on my Evo, so I had no experience or expectations, I am pretty impressed with the Accessport, I drove around for a week without using it until I launched and realized 4100rpm launch spun VERY badly, Rob gave me the simple instructions how to adjust launch RPM so I plugged in and realized just how easy to Accessport is to use... still havent got the launch dialed perfectly tried 3100 & 3300, 3300 spun a bit but produced a 3.0 0-60. 3100 spun less but produced a 3.2 0-60. I have no idea how accurate the accessport is....but figure this number can be brought into the 2's if i knew what I was doing to produce a perfect launch.

Attached a few pictures, and dyno. Cant wait for my next round of mods, still not sure what I should do next but these things seem to work themselves out in time ;)

Cliff notes: Cicio and his crew at TopSpeed are worldclass. Rob is a great tuner. I look forward to working with them more in the future!


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