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Hi everyone, first post

Own a '12 GT-R with 45k KM on it. ( not sure in miles )

Use it as a DD only putting about 10-25 KMS a day, sometimes not even using it. The car gets tracked once a month or sometimes 2 months. Really curious how maintenance will rack up. Oil, transmission fluids? Brakes, tires? Clutch and transmission? here in halifax we have NO supercars whatsoever so you can only imagine how service will be... Best fuel we got is 91 ( if car needs to be tuned 91 tell me! Havent found anything online ).

If you dont want to read all that:

1: the best way to take care of the car and make it last. Aside from not launching which I dont do.

2: best interval for oil changes and all.

3: do I replace the rotors and pads seperate based on condition or the whole damn thing! ( this drove me nuts and probably is the reason I made the account )

4: track day maintenance tips ?

Thank you for you time and thanks in advance!
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