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When: Saturday, April 14, 2012
Where: Willow Springs Raceway (Road Course) - Big Willow
Racing from: 8am-5pm
Drivers Meeting: 7:30am (Sharp) Try and get there before!
Participates Accepted: 50
Full Price: $240
Early Bird Price: $180
Early Registration Ends: March 23, 2012

Your run group goes on once a hour, you should be literally getting two track days in one. All the cars around you are high end automobiles, and the owners do not want to scratch/damage their cars just as you don't want to. The incredible opportunity to receive private driving instruction from our professional drivers (Mike Bonanni/Jordan Yost) will be available on the registration page. If you're a beginner on the track, they will jump in the car with you, teach you the proper breaking points, teach you the line and assist with issues/questions/help/etc you may need;they are there for you. Even if you are a professional and just need to shave some lab time off, they are able to provide very useful advice as they do this for a living. Of course just like all the other events SD hosts, we will include a photo CD ($65 value). You can see your car in action and receive some AWESOME pictures of your car on the track. (Examples: Click here)

Reserve your spot before they are all sold!
Event Registration: http://speeddistrict...w-on-april-14th

There have been a good turn out of GTRs in the past.

Keep it up!
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