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Working for TopSpeed Motorsports certainly does have it's advantages; we get to see all kinds of fantastic cars roll in and out of here, we're constantly going to the race track, and we have the privilege of meeting some truly great people. All that is great, especially when you get the chance to deliver a car, to a racetrack, and see the reaction of true exuberance on your customers face when they hear the car start-up for the first time!

We recently were lucky enough to be picked out of the many vendors on this forum to transform a stock 2010 GT-R into a stock-turbo'd road race wonder.


Boost Logic Y-Pipe
Ultimate Racing 4" Exhaust

Fuel Pumps
TSM Spec 1150cc Injectors
Boost Logic FMIC
Boost Logic Race Intercooler Piping
Boost Logic 3" Intakes


JRZ RS Pro Silent Edition
AP Racing J-Hooks
Endless ME20 Pads

Goodridge SS Lines
Stillen Sway Bars

After the installation, the TSM Track Suspension Setup and the TSM Custom Dyno Tune the car was complete and ready for the 400 mile trek to VIR!

We were in the midst of setting up our camp at VIR when the customer pulled up in excited anticipation to see his newly upgraded GT-R, which happened to be parked behind another trailer and out of sight. While we were catching up, we had one of our guys pull it around for the customer to see before the real fun the next day; once he heard the car start, his face lit up in almost non-belief asking "is that... my car?!?" After a quick orientation, we all decided it was probably best we got some sleep for the long day we all had ahead of us.

The next day the customer finally got to enjoy his GT-R out on track and was so excited, I don't think any of us saw him sit down all day lol! Every time he pulled back in the pits from track he had something new to say about how much better the car was. Cicio was able to take a couple rides with him and give him a few track pointers as well. All in all it was just a wonderful experience for us as a team, and we hope for our customer. From the looks of things he couldn't have been happier. The car performed flawlessly the entire day, and at the end of the day he jumped in the freshly modded GT-R and drove the 400 miles home. We are super excited for this customer to get the car back on his local track and see how his times compare!

Thanks for the oportunity to serve and help you truly enjoy a reliable car more on track!

~Team TSM

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i cant believe i never saw this. awesome write up Mike!!!
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