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Hey guys. Need your inputs with this....

I have an 09 all-stock GTR with 1300 miles on it. I got it last week. I am very impressed with this car but just want to give it a bit more power.The previous owner removed the cats and put back the stock Y-Pipe. this is what I am thinking of doing:

1. Replace Y pipe and Exhaust
2. Drop in after market air filters
3. Install a cob stage 2


Will the tranny hold with this power upgrade?
Any thing I need to be aware off?

Thanks for your help all!

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Yes--and then some...
Your powertrain warranty may effectively go bye-bye.


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LC1 is the first incarnation of "launch control" on the 2009's. It was undocumented and officially didn't exist, save for the fact that every magazine tester knew how to activate it thanks to Nissan's instructions. There is even a video of Jay Leno's Garage after he got a 2009 GT-R with a Nissan executive showing him, on video, how to activate this feature that is not in the owner's manual. Since this revved the car to 4500 rpm, it was quite brutal on the drivetrain and led to a number of first gear failures because of wheel hop. It was replaced with "LC2," a second version of "launch control" that was meant to rev to about 3000 rpm, but seemed to be inconsistent in doing so. It was far more gentle on the first gear than the first iteration of the launch control, however, and did not require VDC to be off like LC1 did. In fact, after this rash of first gear failures, all 2009's in dealer inventory were flashed to the "new" LC2 software and owners of 2009's that still had the original software with LC1 were offered free software "upgrades" to LC2.

It became a bit of a fiasco because Nissan would usually not cover these trans failures since activation of the "non-existent" LC1 required the driver to turn VDC off which is forbidden in the owners manual unless the car "is stuck in mud or snow." This actually led to a class action lawsuit which Nissan settled.

With the introduction of the GT-R, Nissan was actually quite clever in their approach. They never advertised a 0-60 time. They just showed magazine testers how to activate this "non-existent" feature and let them publish their 0-60 times. However, the consumer could not do this without voiding their transmission warranty if the first gear popped. That is what led to the class action suit. The proverbial nail in the coffin for Nissan's case was undoubtedly the Jay Leno video. Activation of LC1 required the driver to set the dashboard switches to R-R-Off.

A funny side note: if you look at Eugene at SPE's sig, there is a photoshopped image of the three switches, with the third one (VDC) changed to "Warranty." Up is R mode and down is "void."
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