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Here is what you get for our 850 package parts wise:

Our results shown below on vbox/dyno are on our stock engine car with a 1.5 shep trans, those results are on a mustang dyno and making 740/604 which translates into the 800s on the dyno jet (which normally is used for all other companies power result advertising for marketing)

With the built motor results will be higher on our dyno reflecting the 850+whp claim

ucp turbos with waste gates and lines
1400cc injectors
drop in pumps
spark plugs
intakes 3 inch with filters
black or polished piping offered
ucp mid pipe either to bolt to stock style cat backs with 2 bolt flange or will be a 4 inch with vband flange if requested
ucp down pipes
map sensor
street intercooler
intercooler upper piping w/tial bov's color of choice
ecutek unit or cobb v3 with tcm your choice
flex fuel kit

Custom 93.e85 flex fuel tuning by Garth

Labor included
r&r turbos engine trans
install intercooler and piping
spark plugs
fuel pumps
mid pipe

Undercover performance spec short block
Ucp rods
Ucp pistons
Ucp head studs/hardware
Engine gaskets set
Blue print and balance rotating assembly
Line bore/hone
final assembly

shep stage 1.5 transmission package
price includes shipping from our shop to them

Dodson HD 1st gear kit
ShepTrans 7 plate clutch
Sheptrans custom Snap Rings
Dodson Piston shaft seals
Dodson FWD retainer
Dodson Mechanical lock #1
Dodson Mechanical lock #2
O-ring and seal upgrade kit
Oil pump shaft upgrade with blueprint
Output shaft end float shim
2,4,6 Thrust bearing circlip
1,3,5 Thrust bearing circlip
Selector Piston Shims x 4
6 neodymium magnets
High temp rear differential oil seal
Stainless re-usable internal filter
Fwd output seal
Oem Nissan transmission and rear differential drain plug gasket
Oem Nissan transmission and Rear differential fill plug gasket


1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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